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I hope you have enjoyed browsing through my blog posts, prezi presentations and lastly, enjoyed looking at my final music video and ancillary tasks. :D


Yasmin Amey

Evaluation 4:

Evaluation 3:

For evaluation three both Khushel and I decided that we would do something creative for this particular evaluation task and show off our skills by filming our peers and teachers answering a variety of questions based upon our music video ‘Hate This Part Right Here.’ We believed that by creating this video we would be provided with a much better, in depth profile of what our peers thought of our video and what improvements could be made in order to make it a successful music video. What is more, is that by filming and editing the footage we were able to take scenes out from our own music video and by ‘wire framing’ the footage we could incorporate segments of it and fit it into the evaluation video where people began to  comment on specific examples from our film. By doing this, our audience would be provided with a clearer, understandable view of areas which shone out to our viewers and those which captured their attention.

When it came to choosing a selection of people who would appear in our evaluation video, we decided that we would choose people who reflected our target audience, this being people aged between 13-29. We included a variety of college students and one teacher, one who is in their late 20s into our evaluation task so that we would be provided with information and opinions from people who come from different ethnicity backgrounds and are different ages. 

When filming our fellow peers and teachers for our evaluation video the majority of them answered the questions correctly providing us with positive, optimistic answers that we had originally wanted to hear from our target audience.

We asked our target audience, 'What they liked about our music video." One of the male sixth form students that we questioned, said "I really liked the effects you used with the fading and the shots of the whole of London and I also like the shot where the camera just focuses on you and there is a black background behind you. It was really good." This was a very encouraging comment for us to hear as we worked particular hard on the special effect shots of the London nightlife which were then blended in to the close ups of the artist's features. Additionally, it enabled us to realise that not only had the opening seconds of our music video interested and drawn in our younger audiences but it also branched out to the older end of our audience spectrum.

Another member of our target audience explained to us that he really liked "the relationship between the narrative and performance as it works really well in the song and the narrative really explained and amplified the song." Again, we were exceptionally happy with this feedback as Khushel and I wanted to make sure that there was a right amount of balance between the narrative and performances in the video and that neither concepts overpowered each other. Clearly, we created the video in a way that depicted this and thankfully our target audience liked the way in which we had organised and displayed these scenes.

An improvement for our video that was repeated a few times by our target audience was that, "the lip syncing could be improved slightly." Khushel and I completely agreed with this comment, as looking back at the video it does seem to appear that some of the shots with the artist singing, especially the close ups of the artist singing are slightly ahead of the music. However, it only seems to be ahead by a second or so, so it isn't a major flaw in the video but it would have definitely looked better had it been completely in sync with the music.

We asked another member of our target audience, someone who is in their late 20's, "What they liked about our magazine advert." He answered saying, "I thought the magazine advert was really good, it looks like a real advert and it is a strong image of the artist, it definitely looks real."  We were exceptionally pleased with this feedback as we were aiming to create a sophisticated and professional magazine advert to target our audience, that is, those aged between 13-29.

Another sixth form student provided us with a positive feedback stating, "I thought the magazine poster targeted the upper boundary of your target audience very well, which is very well done. It seems a lot more mature rather than having young, teenage colours added to it." Again, we were really pleased with this feedback as a member of our target audience was able to identify the target audience that we were trying to promote our artist to, by using the magazine advert.

We didn't really receive improvement feedback for our magazine advert. The majority of the people we questioned said, "I don't think it really needs improving, it's very good" and "I'm not sure because I really like it and if you were to change it, you would have to change it completely." Clearly, we were overjoyed that our target audience loved our magazine advert and that they didn't think anything needed changing to it! :D

Feedback received for the Digipak helped us acknowledge the good points and the weaknesses within the product. Most people suggested that, "The digipak fitted the genre well." Our main intention of the digipak was to ensure that the product fit the genre. We found all feedback given very useful as it helped us continuously modify the texts in order to cater for the target audience. As you can see from our journeys for the digipak panels, we have altered the panels significantly in order to be a success. We acknowledged all our feedback. For example, a male stated that you could change the colours slightly as they were quite "garish". If I would remake the digipak, I would possibly dilute the coulours in order for the interior of the product does not contrast as much.

After gathering feedback from the rough cut, I consumed this advice and noted all improvements which could have been made in order to create a successful final music video. I believe the feedback given was very constructive as it helped us identify the glitches within the video which were identified by a wide range of audiences. From ages to 17-30, the audience gave us a varied amount of feedback which created a significant input in terms of editing the final music video.

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Evaluation 2:

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